Lawn Care Tips – Part 1

Some Interesting Facts about Artificial Turf

Using artificial turf is quite common nowadays. Initially used for sports grounds, it now covers residential landscapes as well as public recreational and community areas. If we have to be honest, there is nothing better than natural grass – its benefits are beyond compare. However, substituting the natural green lawn for its synthetic version has a lot of advantages too. For example, one of the leading positive sides of using synthetic turf for creating grass-resembling areas is its durability and durability. Another plus is that it needs no maintenance, such as trimming, mowing, mulching, or watering.

If you have carefully considered the downsides of artificial turf, from potential toxic chemicals to the need of regular cleaning and have decided to give it a try, here are some interesting facts that can be useful. Do you know that the first ever synthetic turf was created back in 1960? Therefore, it will celebrate its 55th birthday next year! The main areas where it was initially used – and is still widely spread – are baseball, American football, field hockey, and even soccer stadiums.

After that, it was used in tennis and golf as well as skiing and snowboarding before it received a wider spread in the covering of airports and even landscaping. The modern artificial turf version consists of the following structural components. Synthetic grass fibers which are two types – the straight ones are coated with silicon so that they can keep their shape and the curly ones are placed among the first in order to keep them in upright position. Both types are placed on an expanded polypropylene base that is covered with rubber granules for additional filling.

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